The ensemble ORTHODOX SINGERS has been receiving support from the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Act and the Tallinn department of Cultural Heritage

With their assistance we introduce the best pieces of Orthodox music and splendid performers from different countries to Estonian and European audience.

For 16 years the ensemble has gained recognition not only in Estonia, but also abroad. The ensemble attracts attention and respect of audience that is interested in the musical heritage of Orthodox culture wherever it develops, and it is one of the reasons of ensemble success and popularity.

By becoming a Sponsor or Friends of the Ensemble Orthodox Singers you will enable the group to maintain its very high artistic standards; develop its international touring, continue to work with some of the world’s most talented musicians and continue to bring the most valuable and innovative projects.

Sponsor support of the Ensemble gives an opportunity to make a contribution to preservation and development of Orthodox culture and take a prominent position among reputable sponsors.

We offer adequate Sponsor Packages to both corporative sponsors and to individual ones.

If you are interested in partnership or you would like to sponsor the Chamber Ensemble, please contact us by GSM: (+372) 56 98 63 04, e-mail:


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