The Baltic Pray. Concerts in Tartu and Tallinn


10th of April at 18.00 Tartu St.John’s Church (Jaani 5, Tartu)

13th of April at 19.00 Tallinn’s Dome Cathedral (Toom-Kooli 6, Tallinn)

Ensemble Orthodox Singers

Mari-Liis Uibo (violin)

Leho Karin (cello)

Conducter Valery Petrov

Sacred music by Peteris Vasks (Latvia)  Zita Bruzaite (Lithuania),  Peeter Vähi (Estonia), Valeri Petrov (Estonia), Gustav Holst (Great Britain), Illa Humenjuk (Ukrain/Estonia).

The first performance: Peeter Vähi “Under the Baltic Sun”  composed specially for the ensemble Orthodox Singers

“It seems to be my destiny – for which I am eternally grateful – during the last decade to collaborate with Latvian and Lithuanian musicians, that in its turn has inspired me to dig deeper into the folk music of our southern neighbors. As part of the same course of events, Orthodox Singers commissioned from me a work for their ensemble that could fit into  the concert programme Baltic Prayer. The lyrics of work titled Under the Baltic Sun is based on folklore in four different languages, including the exotic Old Prussian that has disappeared centuries ago. The content of all four texts is somewhat similar, the main characters being the Sun, the Daughter of God, and the Almighty. By today, more than a year has passed since the completion of the work – Europe is no longer the same, the atmosphere of the Baltics is not the same… The Baltic Sun has acquired a completely different meaning in the context of the Baltic Prayer.” Peeter Vähi

Tickets are at the PILETILEVI  sales offices and at the entrance before the concert starts.