The recording presents the examples of sacred choral music composed by contemporary Estonian composers closely connected to sacred church music. This CD contains 9 compositions inspired by Old Russian orthodox liturgical music as well as by Estonian and Russian traditional ethnic music.cd-2013-1-copy

  1. Blessed is the Man                                        Tiina Hirvoja
  2. Rejoice, o Virgin Mother of God                Julianna Juganson
  3. Antiphons                                                       Andres Uibo
  4. Bogorodichen                                                Valery Petrov play
  5. It is meet and right                                       Valery Petrov
  6. Rejoice, o Virgin mother of God                Valery Petrov
  7. O Holy God (Salomea)                                 Genri Tron
  8. At the Cross-road                                          Veljo Tormis
  9. Tower bell in my village                               Veljo Tormis